Bentsen Park

Our new, 31-lot Bentsen Park community is the heart of McAllen and the heart of elevated living in the Valley. Leverage our award-winning craftsmanship to create an affordable, beautiful, quality home designed to your specifications on a lot just minutes from parks, clubs, schools, and all the amenities you need for vibrant family living.


Elevated Living In A
Family-Friendly Location


Bentsen Park is designed to be the ideal family-friendly community, where you can enjoy a spacious, sophisticated home within walking or driving distance of schools, activities, and parks that benefit the entire family. The community sits along Bentsen Rd. and Buddy Owens Rd. in the middle of McAllen, 5 minutes or less from desirable locations such as the following:

  • Elementary and Jr. high schools
  • Parks
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Target

Inside Bentsen Park, expect intelligent layouts and ample lots that are the perfect place to build the elevated, spacious, and elegantly designed custom homes Villanueva makes possible. Here are just a few features to expect:

  • Down payment of just $3K
  • Custom layouts and Finishes
  • Affordable Costs
  • Award-winning Craftsmanship

It is time to enjoy the best family living, and family homes, in the Valley. It is time to choose Bentsen Park!


Life at Montecito


As an RGVBA Award Winner, Villanueva Homes knows what makes a custom home build successful- focusing on quality first, and delivering
outstanding customer service.

At Montecito Block 2, you’ll find everything that you need to feel at home from the moment you start the building process. The community boasts impeccably selected brick, block stucco, or stone exteriors, adding curb appeal and a unique design to every lot. Inside, you’ll find only the best building materials, layout options, and accent features that add a personal and livable touch to every space. Plus, all of the homes in Montecito Block 2 are Built to Save Certified, ensuring energy efficiency and cost savings at every turn.

Lot map over aerial photo of Montecito

Available Lots

Our Bentsen Park community has 31 lots, and half have already sold.
Don’t hesitate to get the home and the location you desire. Reserve your lot today!