How Much Square Footage For New Home Build in McAllen, Tx?

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Not sure how much square footage home is suitable for your family? When building a custom home in McAllen, Texas, the size of the house is one of the main considerations to make. How do you know what size home is right for you? How much square footage do I need? Before building a custom home of a certain size, it is important to know your family’s needs, the hidden costs of large homes, your budget, and other considerations.

Here are a few things to consider to determine the right square footage of home.

Determining the Right Square Footage of Home

Examine your current home size

Happy couple looking at new house blueprints at homeTo begin with, evaluate your current home size. Find answers to questions like:

  • Is your current home size suitable for you?
  • Do you want additional square footage due to space inconvenience?
  • Know your current home size and compare it with the floor plan of the prospective new homes. Does the current floor plan meet all your requirements?
  • Are you planning to have a special laundry room in your new home?
  • Do you need a separate office room space?
  • If your family is extending, do you need some extra rooms?
  • Are you a plant lover and want a lovely backyard for laying veggie garden beds?
  • Do you need a separate reading room?
  • Do you want your kitchen extra spacious now laid with all modern amenities?

Build a custom home depending on the answers you get through this questionnaire.

It is important to understand your needs before choosing the right square footage of home.

Know the type of custom homes

Family budget and finances. Young woman doing accounts together with her husband at home, planning new purchase. Serious female in glasses holding piece of paper and making necessary calculationsIf you are a new home buyer, you should first know the types of custom homes you can build. Are you planning to build a luxury custom home, studio home, condo, townhome, or community?

Each of its types has its perks, depending on your needs. Most people prefer to build their custom homes in communities to enjoy the benefits of living in communities. In the Montecito subdivision, you can find several community houses of several sizes. Communities are gated, with several lots available in different sizes. The square footage starts from 1200 sq. ft and comes with several amenities.

Look at various floor plans

When determining the size of your home, start with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you require. Thereafter, look for the wardrobe space available in each bedroom. Brilliant custom home builders prepare a spacious floor plan even in minimum sq ft. of the area by utilizing every inch of the area.

Look for the number of windows available in each room. Does each room has a separate balcony? When such priorities are set, it is easier for a first-time buyer to narrow down the available options.

Know your floor plan thoroughly before making any final decision. It’s important to consider minute details like the size of each bedroom and bathroom. For instance, the living or common area size should accommodate 6 to 8-seater furniture. The layout of the rooms and that they should not be in direct eye contact with the living room to ensure privacy, and so on.

Don’t overlook the maintenance costs

Each size custom home comes with a maintenance cost. More space means higher maintenance costs. Don’t consider the price of the property as the only price constraint. Keep a fair share of your budget towards the maintenance costs. The maintenance costs include the monthly costs of power bills, gas, water, and other big costs of renovation, denting, painting, and so on.

Custom build homes are not furnished. A large amount of money is therefore spent on making them fully furnished. This includes costs related to furniture, electronic home appliances, carpeting, bedding, curtain, fixtures, and more. Don’t forget to include these in your budget before fixing the size of your home.

Accommodate your future plans

Portrait of happy family with a dog having fun together in living room. Concept of happy family, love for animals, childhoodThough the future is inevitable, you cannot buy new homes now and then. For this, it’s better to plan the size of your home, keeping in mind future plans. Sometimes, more than the size, the floor plan should be accommodating enough. Buying a 2500 sq. ft. custom home with only two bedrooms is a waste. The floor plan should be thus cleverly designed to give justice to the square footage home you are buying. Being in sync is a good idea to avoid regretting later.

Are you planning to allow more than one generation to live under one roof? Just married and edging towards family planning? Find answers to such questions to determine the right size of the new home in McAllen accordingly.


Finding the right size home is quite essential. Especially when you are building a custom home, you have all the right to make changes to the building essentials and floor plan per your needs. Contact us today to find community custom homes in and around RGV in the square footage of your need.