Is a Realtor Required for New Home Construction?

Beautiful new construction home in McAllen

Because consulting with a realtor comes naturally when purchasing an existing home, many clients worry about not using a realtor for their new home construction. The reality is that not only are clients not legally required to use a realtor, but that they can navigate the new home construction process on their own. Here is a look at how to make the building process easy, even without a real estate agent.

Choose a builder who has your best interests in mind.

The new home construction process may have many details to navigate, but it doesn’t have to be stressful, as long as you have the right builder. Take the time to carefully research the builder you use. You want to find someone who is 1) Reliable 2) Skilled 3) Experienced and 4) Dedicated to customer service. Ask these questions as you search:

  • Will this builder customize my home?
  • Does this builder’s work match my style and budget?
  • What is this builder’s reputation for customer service?
  • Does this builder work in the area where I want to build?
  • What do former clients have to say about this builder?
  • Does this builder help with finding a lender and getting financing?
  • Am I comfortable talking to this builder?
  • Is this builder attentive and responsive?
  • Can I view a portfolio of this builder’s work?
  • Does this builder provide inspections of their work?
  • What is the quality of the materials they use?
  • Are they insured?

The right builder will be a joy to communicate with, transparent, clear, attentive, and skilled. When you choose the right builder, you can enjoy peace of mind throughout the new home construction process, even without a realtor.

Do not be afraid to ask questions.

The new home construction process will come with many decisions to be made. It is natural not to be familiar with this process at the beginning, so you should be prepared to ask a lot of questions and do a lot of research before making any decisions.

With the right builder, you should have a partner with whom you can communicate confidently, so asking questions should be easy. Be prepared to ask questions about any or all of the following aspects of the process:

  • Customization options
  • Prices
  • Contract terms
  • Lenders and loans
  • Interest rates
  • Deadlines
  • Materials
  • Home inspections
  • And so much more.

Know who to talk to.

While your builder will be one of your main points of contact throughout the building process, you will also speak with other professionals. Be prepared to talk to any of the following people to receive the services and information you need to navigate the home building process:

  • Builder
  • Builder’s agent
  • Tradespeople and contractors
  • Real estate attorney
  • Sales people
  • Lenders
  • Home inspectors
  • Title agency
  • And more

Do your research ahead of time to become familiar with the individuals you may need to consult or hire throughout the process so you can get as much assistance as possible with the home building process.

Ask for what you want.

The home building process is all about getting you your dream home, at a price that you can afford. Because your home builder is there to help you achieve your ideal space, you should never hesitate to ask for what you want.

Looking for a specific style or feature? Let your builder know. Need to customize part of your layout to meet your family’s needs? Make sure that request is part of the design process. Hoping to get a discount on your home? You are unlikely to get a discount on the cost of the home, but you may be able to negotiate lower closing costs or certain upgrades.

The right builder will be happy to walk you through the entire process and ensure that you are satisfied at every step. The result will be a beautifully crafted home that meets your every preference and specification.

Stay organized and attentive.

The new home construction process involves many details. In order to navigate this process successfully, you should be prepared to devote time, attention, and organization to each step of the way. Here are some ideas for what you may need to expect throughout the process:

  • Detailed contracts to read and approve.
  • Lender documents to read and sign
  • Home insurance documents to read and sign
  • Deadlines to keep track of
  • Paperwork to complete
  • Documents to collect
  • Options for your home to select

If you are going through new home construction without a real estate agent, be prepared to organize, manage, and stay on top of all of this information. Your builder may be able to help guide you through many of these details, so you never feel as if you are on your own.

Make sure you understand the process.

Finally, when not using a realtor for your new home construction, you will need to take the time to understand every step of the process for yourself. From comprehending and agreeing to the terms of your home builder’s contract to choosing the finishes for your home to selecting a lender and navigating the loan process, your involvement is critical.

If you ever encounter a situation you do not understand, you should not hesitate to ask questions or read over materials to gain a better understanding of the situation. This is your home and your dream coming to life. You deserve to be an active part of the entire process.

Ultimately, a good home builder will be the key to a rewarding home building experience. If you want to learn more about the customized, customer-centric, and award-winning home building services we offer here at Villanueva Construction, reach out today and let us know!