Here Are 7 Home Maintenance Tips & Tricks For Summer Season

So, you have finally reached the summit of your custom home-building dream. What is essential in building a house is taken care of. All the tiresome legalities and building procedures are over. The house has turned out just like you imagined, and you have finished decorating every corner to your taste. The lighting, floors, and windows have all harmonized to transform your house into a home.

However, building a custom home doesn’t end at that. In reality, your journey with your home has just begun.

Just like us, our homes also age and wear down as years go by. But this home is not just your possession. It is an asset that you will pass on to your future generations.

Little home maintenance summer tasks regularly can help you keep the charm of your home alive for years to come.

Give your house the care it deserves during harsh summers

Especially during summer (as it is going to get hotter by the year), maintaining your home is crucial.

With these 7 easy tips and tricks, you will never have to worry about your home’s robustness and integrity, no matter how harsh the weather.

Young woman smiling and cleaning windows with rubber gloves

1. Give your windows a thorough cleaning

Windows are the most important part of your house. This part directly faces the sun’s heat and shields you during stormy nights. Air circulation is very important during summers; hence, your windows will likely be open most of the day. This makes them vulnerable to gathering much more dust than they would during other seasons.

  • The first step would be gently cleaning your window screens with a dry cloth to wipe off any assembled dust.
  • Next, use some soap water (any liquid soap should work), and give your window screens a rinse
  • Make sure that the water doesn’t damage your window frame (if it is made of wood).
  • Let your windows dry before closing them.

You can repeat this bi-weekly during the summer months to ensure the best condition of your windows.

Man wearing overall and fixing water pipes

2. Inspect your indoor hoses

Water usage shoots up during the summer months. Long baths, multiple baths, or making a lot of piña coladas means using your water hoses more intensively. Thus, it is especially important to regularly inspect the water hoses in your home during the summer months.

  • Include your dishwasher, washer, dehumidifier, toilets, refrigerator, and icemaker.
  • Check all the hoses of these appliances for signs of water leaks such as dampened walls, cracks, or HVAC issues.
  • If it is something you cannot fix yourself, get professional help.

This can be done once every month during the summer or less, depending on the present condition of the hoses.

Female hands cleaning fan ceiling

3. Reverse your ceiling fans for better performance

This is the most overused equipment in every house during summers. Due to relentless usage, your fan is likely wearing out faster than you can imagine. A good way to extract better fan performance and reset their system is by reversing its direction. Reversing your fan’s spin direction will push down the air directly and create a stronger breeze. To do so, follow these steps-

  • Switch off your fan and wait until the blades become stationary
  • Notice the direction in which the fan was rotating
  • Next, grab a stool or any chair that you would need to reach the fan
  • First, wipe off the dust from your fan’s blades using a duster or a dry cloth
  • Once clean, reverse the direction of your fan’s spin using your hands or any stick if you have one

Then switch on the fan to experience a better breeze.

Man standing on ladder and decluttering house roof

4. Clean out the gutters

Like it or not, this is a mandatory task on this checklist. Summer temperatures are optimum for algae and bacteria to flourish. Cleaning out gutters and downspouts is the ideal way to keep your house safe from unwanted microbial growth. We recommend you use the soft washing method for this. Use water with a medium-light pressure with a nozzle over the gutters and the edges of the downspouts. You must do this once or twice in the entire season to keep things in check.

Man opening mini split unit and removing gutters

5. Clean your AC filters

AC filters also gather a lot of dust naturally. Though the dust is not directly visible, you need to open the top of your AC actually to clean the dust. After opening the cover of your AC unit, use a thin brush to dust off all the collected fine particles. You need to do this only once during the entire season.

Zoom in of man hands doing gardening with gloves and scissors cropping bush

6. Beautify your gardens

On cheerful summer days, gardens and yards become the hub for all the parties and BBQ dinners. You need to get your yard summer ready as soon as the season starts. Get rid of all the dried leaves from winter and trim the grass to a comfortable length. Take care of any hanging branches that interfere with the roof or wires. You can also get professional services to get this done for you.

Man wearing overall and pest control equipment cleaning home interior surfaces

7. Keep the bugs at bay

Summers are breeding months for many bugs. You don’t want them breeding in your house, do you? Protect the corners of your door and window frames by caulking them. Use bug spray all around the corners of your house and in the kitchen (especially near the drain pipes) to keep your home bug-free.

All Set?

Taking care of your home with these little home maintenance summer tasks can be very rewarding. By following this guide consistently every summer, you will be able to see the difference in the long term. You will also spare yourself large repair costs if you personally maintain your home during the harsh seasons. With these minimal maintenance tricks, preserve the charm of your home beyond time.